Reposting all of these as a set because they belong together. 

the way I made these: Every few months I go through my sketch book & find crops of drawings that I think worked well, and then redraw them arranged in these semi-random grid patterns. The idea is to have the individual elements relate to each other as little as possible while maintaining the illusion of overall theme… really the themes tend to occur naturally as a byproduct of what I was into drawing over that period of time (such as the repeating patterns that feature on the last page). 

Another function of making these was to give myself a bit more practice at inking with a real brush. I really enjoy brush inking, but digital often ends up “winning” simply through convenience. Ho hum. 

The originals look pretty bad-ass, I’m never fully convinced by line-art on a computer screen. Especially when it gets reduced down to 500px wide.

Seeing as a lot of what I draw in my sketch book tends to be small studies based on photographs/illustrations (particularly the people: all of the pattern/architectural/abstract parts are my own) I find in my travels on the internets, there might be a few images in there that you recognise, I don’t know. I can’t really go & list all of my sources, as I can’t even remember, and they tend to get fairly heavily distorted from the source through the drawing/re-drawing process. But yeah, if you see something familiar don’t be shy about reminding me what it is. Whatever.

I enjoy doing these, they are relaxing, and using a brush to do (relatively) meticulous work makes me feel POWERFUL, for I don’t know whatever reason. But if I do any more I’m not going to arrange them in the rigid quad structure, I’m done with that. 

I’ve been meaning to get round to colouring this for the longest time. 

I’ve been meaning to get round to colouring this for the longest time. 

I drew this for Romane's birthday. 

I do not know which way up it goes. 

Sometimes I completely change colour schemes part way through working on something. 

Sometimes I make simple 3D models in Maya as a starting point for illustrations or concept art